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The Hair Prayer

Only God Can Grow Hair!

We help the hair that you already have, no matter how small or weak it may seem to be. Often times, people think their hair is gone but it is still there. It is just very fine and almost undetectable. As long as any tiny hair exists on your head, we can help it look fuller and thicker. Trust us!

Grandpa Green is a farmer, and he understands growing. When he was a boy in New Hampshire he milked cows and pitched hay. He was lucky enough to have been around just as milking machines began to appear. He pulled teats on sixty head of cattle at 5 am and 5 pm every day. The cows never took a day off so he couldn?t either. It was a healthy life!

Between milking, Grandpa Green went out into the fields to plant, cut hay, and pick vegetables. One summer he helped pick 13 acres of cucumbers. They were sold to a pickle plant as gherkins. If you know anything about cucumbers, the little ones have tiny thorns. It wasn?t fun!

There were lots of old wives tales in the country about elixirs that were homemade and just plain worked. Some of this folklore ended up in the bottles in Grandpa Green’s Hair Raising Experience.

Let it never be said that Grandpa Green can grow any hair, only God can do that. The only thing Grandpa Green can do is help you maintain the hair already existing on your head. If you get any new hair growth it is a miracle from God, not mere mortal man. God is the creator of all things!

Read Grandpa Green?s Hair Prayer every day from a sincere heart, and you never know what will happen. With God all things are possible. There is nothing impossible for God! He might give you some new hair!

Follow Grandpa Green’s simple formula, the recipe that is outlined in the Hair Raising Experience coloring book. If you skip any of the steps you will not get the desired result. Two steps at night and two steps in the morning.

We would love to see some before and after pictures. When Grandpa Green’s limp, flat hair got thicker and fuller his friends and family told him he looked twenty years younger. Thicker, fuller hair will make you look years younger too! We’re excited for you too!